Securely Anchors With No Damage To Your Door

Simply peel and stick to your door using durable but removable adhesive. For permanent installs, use the screws and screwdriver provided with your Gimdow order.No modification required of the current door lock. We promise!

Simple Setup

Reusable and installs in 10 minutes

Stick or screw Gimdow to the door lock
Pair with the App
Configure and Control

Works With Most American And European Locks

Swappable inserts make it compatible with just about any lock, including fission and conjoined locks.

Attach Where Convenient

Attach on the door uprightly, handstand, horizontally or stanly.

The Ultimate Peel & Stick Smart Lock

Never Get Locked Out Again!

Smart phone access and virtual keys

Give you pet sitter one-time access to your place during your vacation, or issue virtual keys to Airbnb guests. With the Gimdow app you are always in control over who goes in and out.

Operation inform and record trace

App informs you the virtual key's operation in time and provides the record.

Unlock with your wireless keypad

Long battery life: with ten times of usage a day, the 2 AA batteries inside could work over 300 days.
Anti-peeping password: you can enter fake passwords before or after you enter the correct passwords, to avoid someone peeping at your entering.
Wireless Bluetooth connectivity: fast install at anywhere you like without concerning about wire.

No problem with original keys

You can still use original keys in case of power off.

Adjustable clamp

If the height of the knob is low, press the clamp to adjust the height.

Special design for round knobs

The round knob is clipped with a custom clamp and then fitted with the lock.

Connect Securely With Encrypted Bluetooth

Never worry about hacking and breaches with Gimdow’s 128-bit encryption. Your code will always stay private and secure.

Long-lasting Battery Life

4 AA batteries last over 300 days with 10 times of unlock and lock per day.

Holds Weight Securely

3M industrial adhesive provides super strong and durable adhesion.

superior quality controlled

The lock passed through 100000 times stress test, including CE, FCC, RoHS and so on, and got professional certifications.

Smart Lock A1 Pro